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Attuned to Aging

Updated: Mar 24, 2022


For so long, our lives are spent planning for the future, instead of living intentionally where we are. It wasn't until I started a family that I felt like I was "in" my life. That presence of mind may be a function of parenting, but having learned that lesson, I'm choosing to keep that lesson front of mind as I age.

Staying acutely aware of details and sensations, and then anchoring that information in my memory bank is a skill I developed while in graduate school. Training to be a working actor required fine tuning my observational skills and regularly exercising my mental flexibility. Being able to recall past observations and calling on those details as needed was and is a skill I feel so lucky to have developed. Much of the research into the effect those skills have on brain plasticity, mental acuity, and aspirational aging has been ground breaking and led to an explosion of brain games and tech apps which exercise those processes.

Learning HOW to Age is one such program, and I continue to be enthusiastic about sharing it. If you haven't watched the introductory video on the home page of this website yet, be sure to check it out. To leave me comments about this blog or the program, subscribe below! My YouTube channel also has ongoing videos of this program.


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