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Honor your past

Updated: Mar 24, 2022


Learning HOW to Age is about intentional practice, encouraging mental curiosity and improving the quality of life. In 2020, with the pandemic keeping us all separated, it is even more important to take control of the way you are aging and growing. Wisdom doesn't come naturally, you have to choose it. Wellness doesn't come naturally either, we all need to choose it. So let's take advantage of this time in isolation for some soul searching, self rejuvenation and courageous living.

When you were younger, before marriage and children, what did you dream about? Childhood dreams were aspirational. Reconnecting with those lofty dreams, in connection with the wisdom you've since gained, ask yourself "why?" Why did I want that? Think that? Value that? Want to become that? After each answer, ask again, until you've exhausted all possible answers except one. Something like this:

Question: Why did I want to live outside?

Answer: I thought it would be exciting.

Question: Why/what about it would it be exciting?

Answer: I never knew what was going to happen next. I was attracted to the spontaneity.

That one answer will likely give you important insight into your very nature and may give you the courage to act on that knowledge now, where you are. In that way we honor the past.


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