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ICAA Podcast

"Colin Milner Rethinks Aging With..." podcast. Topics like: "The hidden gifts of aging" with guest Ken Dychtwald, "Moving towards more precision in healthcare and wellness" with Dr. Richard Carmona, and more. . . 



Lets bear one another's burdens joyfully, lovingly and with good humor!


Live Q & A

Realtime discussions about Learning HOW to Age®


Video Lesson

Mini lessons from Session One. Learning H.O.W. to Age® is the holistic wellness program for retirees and older with specifically created exercises and games which develop skills needed for mental flexibility, physical perception and kinesthetic awareness.


On-Demand Training

Prerecorded training designed to inform, educate and motivate staff working on providing activities for seniors.


Blog Posts

Information and opinion from a wide range of sources.

Video Lesson Sneek Peek 
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