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Session One Lesson 2

Lesson Two

2.1 Warm up: Participants specify a personal goal in addition to the group goal of the warm up.

Begin in a circle, standing or sitting in a neutral position. Standing is preferred. Remember the goal is to safely challenge participants.

  • A participant speaks their name and a one-word occupation ("Janice, teacher").

  • Moving right, the next participant repeats the first person’s name and occupation, then states their own name and occupation.

  • Continuing right, the third participant repeats the first and second participants’ information, and adds their own name and occupation. This pattern continues until each person in the circle has added their name and occupation.

Skills Developed/Enhanced: strengthen working memory, vocal strength, discipline, camaraderie, establishing a personal goal which supports the group goal.

Group Discussion: Was the group successful or unsuccessful? Why or why not?

Journal Response: Indicate your personal goal and its effect. Give yourself a grade. Notes:

2.4 Coordination/Flow: The goal of the exercise is to move in a coordinated and fluid manner.

  • Participants stand or sit in a neutral position. Standing is preferred. Remember the goal is to safely challenge participants.

  • Raise both arms above head, palms facing in.

  • Count 1: participant's right shoulder rotates forward, lowering extended arm to the side, palm facing down.

  • Count 2: participant's arm movement continues counterclockwise as right arm bends at elbow and palm passes chin, hand rotates turning palm to right ear.

  • Count 3: participant's right arm extends up, returning to starting position.

  • Left arm repeats the movement pattern, but begins after right arm reaches count one.

Practice arms separately to establish muscle memory before combining right and left. Session One video lesson 2.

Skills Developed/Enhanced: crossing the mid-line, coordination, fluidity, increasing sensitivity to movement, mental discipline.

Journal Response: Did you maintain structural integrity throughout? Fine tuning sensation within yourself is necessary to strengthen kinesthetic awareness. Notes:

2.5 Moving Meditation: The goal is to increase physical flexibility

  • Move a stable chair to an open space and use the chair as needed for balance.

  • Special attention should be paid to alignment, proper joint rotation and abdominals.

  • Once learned, this pattern repeats four times to the right immediately followed by four times to the left.

  • Exercise should be guided by a facilitator prepared to work through the exercise and lead the class.

Moving Meditation Session I Lesson 2 video lesson

Skills Developed/Enhanced: Physical perception, kinesthetic awareness, structural integrity, core strength, balance, working memory.

Journal Response: Besides working on the physical pattern, what other ways might you work on this? What do you feel or see? What images, abstract or otherwise, come to mind? Notes:


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