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Engage your mind each day

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

Honoring your past means more in Learning HOW to Age than simply giving a nod to what we did in the first half of our lives. The practice of recalling details and sensations may recreate brain circuits used in the original experience (Optimizing Brain Fitness. Richard Restak,M.D.,page 20.)

If you're actively involved in the Learning HOW to Age program, you are beginning to recall your environment as it relates to where you are in it. You're being encouraged to take the time to engage in your environment and broaden your awareness. Recalling past locales could also be an excellent exercise, in particular one that you have an opportunity to revisit as a way of testing your recollections.

I personally have fond memories of my childhood home. But when I went back a few years ago, the road wasn't quite as long, or the tree in the front yard quite as big as I remembered. As I walked around the perimeter, I realized my recollection was from the perspective of an 11 year old. Not only was I physically smaller but my worldview was smaller, my experiences more narrow. Recognizing that shift in my perspective was valuable and the time I took there, well spent. Honoring our past by taking the time to recall experiences and sensations may offer benefits to our present and future as well.


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